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issue 9 | July 2020

About Maruni: The Maruni Factory

Maruni Factory

Source: Maruni Wood Industry Inc.

Maruni’s factory and headquarters are located in the mountains of Yuki-Cho, which is about an hour’s drive from downtown Hiroshima City by car. In the Spring and the Summer, one can enjoy blooming flowers and newly blossomed fresh green leaves. After admiring the beauty of the colorful leaves in the Fall, the same place becomes a quiet and sacred place with snow all-around in the Winter. We, at Maruni’s, create all of our furniture here at this place.

In this enormous facility of area 27,496 square meter, all the manufacturing processes including woodworking till the final packaging are worked upon here. Out of 170 employees who work here in this facility, about 90 of them work as craftsman. We have been inspired and fascinated by wood as a working material and have always followed our goal of “Industrialized Craftsmanship” for the past 90 years. We really treasure our factory and wish that it becomes a place where any aspiring woodworker from across the world would want to visit us at least once.

In less than ten years from now, we wish to create here a new office building designed by Naoto Fukasawa, which may even include a cafe, shops, and a design gallery.
We will continue to learn about the qualities of wood, while staying grateful for all the amazing success stories of the past and looking forward to all the wonderful challenges that await us in the future.

Product: HIROSHIMA Folding Chair

HIROSHIMA Folding Chair

Photo by Yoneo Kawabe

The HIROSHIMA Folding Chair is a picturesque chair when folded and placed against the wall. The thickness of only 13 cm when folded allows it to be stored in narrow spaces and it is light enough to be easily carried with only one hand whilst maintaining the simple and subtle structures that highlight the natural wood, which are characteristics of the HIROSHIMA family. Naoto Fukasawa thought it would be a good idea to add a folding chair to the HIROSHIMA family in 2013, 5 years after the release of the HIROSHIMA Armchair.

It is not easy to find a folding chair which maintains the beautiful aesthetics of a wooden chair. Thanks to its soft curved back and seat, it blends in well with a wooden table. The back is molded three-dimensionally using carefully selected veneer material and the use of the veneer wood grain as a whole is worthy of a special mention. The chair back features beautiful wood grain running horizontally, making for an impressive contrast to the vertical-running wood grain of the straight round legs. Any hardness is removed by carefully and smoothly rounding the contour edges of the seat and back.

The design of this extremely strong and durable wood folding chair is the result of a detailed structural study and application of advanced woodworking techniques.


You can now take a walk through and browse through our products in Maruni Tokyo virtual showroom. We hope you enjoy the ambience that our art director Naoto Fukasawa created.

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