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issue 31 | August 2022

This is the story of Japanese Craftsmanship Spirits:
Hakata Ori


Source: OKANO

Hakata Ori is one of the registered Japanese Traditional Crafts made from high-quality silk from Hakata, a city in the southern Japan. Hakata Ori is made by combining several thin threads into many warp threads and powerfully tightening them together.

It takes more than ten thousand threads with a width of less than 1 millimeter each, and from several months to half a year in some cases to make a single hand-woven obi. The entire process of producing a piece of Hakata Ori is divided into various smaller dedicated processes, each supported by extremely precise and delicate handwork. Hakata Ori has been highly evaluated in Japan historically for its flexibility and durability, and it has been very popular especially as kimono obis.

In 1993, a papal vestment made from Hakata Ori was presented to Pope John Paul II. Although gorgeous in its appearance, it was very light and comfortable to wear because of the use of high-quality silk and traditional techniques. Thanks to technological innovations including digitization of patterns, the textile design continues to evolve.

SETO Table by Naoto Fukasawa


Photography: Nacása & Partners Inc.

SETO is a 3.2-meter-long table with solid wood top. The name was inspired by the beauty and calmness of the Seto Inland Sea, the body of water separating three of the four main islands of Japan. In one of these main islands lies the Hiroshima prefecture, which also gave name to another collection of Fukasawa.

SETO table was originally designed for Naoto Fukasawa’s new atelier in 2021, to match the HIROSHIMA Armchairs which he found essential to use for his dining space.
“I have worked with lots of chair manufacturers, both home and abroad, but HIROSHIMA Armchair is one of the most significant chairs among them. As for the table, it is a modified version from the existing HIROSHIMA series, which I have requested Maruni to produce for this project.”
—Originally from the interview for CASA Brutus, published on January 8, 2022—

When the bespoke table was produced, Maruni also realized that the product should become part of the MARUNI COLLECTION. This versatile table finds its distinctive character in its clear and simple character-lines. Its exquisitely crafted spacious tabletop with rounded edges harmonizes with the subtly soft contours and with the wooden legs, creating a single flowing character-line. The interplay of light and shadow on the wide top provides an interesting contrast and further highlights the natural beauty of wood.

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EN by Cecilie Manz
SETO by Naoto Fukasawa
HIROSHIMA by Naoto Fukasawa

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