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issue 1 | February 2020

Japanese Craftsmanship: Hocho Knife

Japanese Craftsmanship: Hocho Knife


Sanjo city and Tsubame city in Niigata prefecture, are cities both well known for their history in the development of modern-day metalworking techniques; as well as creating exceptional modernized kitchen tools including the Hocho knives.

Tadafusa Hocho knives that attract worldwide customers, are manufactured using hand crafting techniques. Manufacturing of Hocho Knives follows the tradition of using steel for the blade, but also improving its functionality by replacing the handle part with an anti-bacterial carbonized wood. By inviting product designer Fumie Shibata to augment the design, the knife transformed into a modern design; yet maintaining its long-established craftsmanship as well.

Another unique knife to mention here is the “Global” knife. In 1983, the continued and passionate pursuit of perfecting the stainless-steel processing technique, finally yielded the successful development of a stainless-steel blade. The blade is as sharp as the regular steel blade and yet it is much easier to maintain. Originally inspired by the idea of a table knife, eventually this knife then evolved and developed as having both handle and blade in stainless steel.

Originality, ingenuity, and the passion to serve their customers better, has thus resulted in creating such authentic and unique products.

Product: HIROSHIMA Armchair

Product: HIROSHIMA Armchair

HIROSHIMA Armchair as a product was born in 2008, when Naoto Fukasawa’s creativity combined and blended with Maruni and their exceptional wood-working techniques. He made sure that Maruni recognized that their own manufacturing technique was one of a kind and also emphasized upon the tremendous potential of wood as a raw material.
“I always wanted to design a fine wooden chair,” he said upon the release of HIROSHIMA Armchair. “What I had in mind was an extraordinary kind of piece, that would age with grace through daily use.” Today, Maruni export the model to 29 countries from the factory in Hiroshima, Japan.

The HIROSHIMA Armchair is designed to be comfortable. The chair’s distinctive back and arm rests, along with a spacious seat, allow for a variety of seating positions. In the pursuit of maximum chair comfort, Maruni craftsmen have made numerous, subtle modifications to the prototype models of these chairs; while trying them out for themselves. This may appear a very primitive approach compared to today’s ergonomics-driven approach. But Maruni craftsmen have trusted their own intuition and experience as a more reliable standard, which is a clear reflection of Maruni’s philosophy of respecting the traditional craftsmanship.


Maruni will participate in Salone del Mobile Internazionale 2020, from April 21-26, 2020. Save the date and do visit us at stand B07-11 at Hall 13!

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