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issue 6 | June 2020

This is the story of Japanese Craftsmanship Spirits:
Kumano Fude (Kumano Brush)

Kumano Fude (Kumano Brush)


It is no exaggeration to say Japanese culture including literature, art and civilization has been developed with brushes: Murasaki Shikibu writing the epic saga “Tale of Genji” or Hokusai painting an Ukiyoe masterpiece. The place that produces the very best brush is Kumano Town in Hiroshima Prefecture, where brush production started in the later Edo era (1603-1868). Since then, Kumano town has been producing the Kumano brush designated as Japanese Traditional Crafts, with a share of over 80% of the brush market in Japan.

There are about 1,500 brush-making craftsmen in Kumano town, and among them, 22 masters are certified as Japan Traditional Craftsmen, a national qualification.
It takes more than 12 years of brush-making experience and requires excellent skills to be certified as one. The high-quality Kumano brushes infused with traditional techniques, are often used by renowned international makeup brands and are loved by makeup artists in Hollywood and worldwide.

Recently, we can find innovative Kumano brush brands committed to produce brushes that add value to everyday lives. The brushes with hand-finished brush tips and designs are both simple and soft and combine traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Product: T1 Chair

Product: T1 Chair

Photo by Yoneo Kawabe

There were mainly two difficulties Maruni faced during the development process of the T1 chair: one was the legs’ structure, and the other was the use of sprung steel. In order to achieve the desired construction of the legs independently sustaining the seat, Maruni carried out producing quite a few prototypes. Eventually, the perfect balance of the seat thickness was found that obtains both the designated design and the constitution.

The tougher part was finding the right material of the steel stem. It was not easy to discover the material that realizes both Jasper’s desired level of flexibility and the absolute strength of this product.

When the project started, Jasper told Maruni that T1 chair would include a lot of elements that he gained through his works in the past several years. It did not take long for Maruni to recognize with certainty that the T1 chair’s degree of perfection was beyond their expectations.


Maruni is preparing the launch of MARUNI COLLECTION 2020 this fall. Stay tuned for more information coming!

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