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issue 11 | September 2020



Photo by Yoneo Kawabe

Tako designed by Naoto Fukasawa
The particular curvature of the backrest and armrests of the chair, reminiscent of the profile of an octopus, was realized through cutting techniques using CNC machines, originally possible only by hand. Technological application studied by Maruni allows the complex shape mass producible. The table, made of solid wood, reveals all its subtleties: the rectangular top, rounded on the edges, has a
minimum thickness and the sinuous legs, reminiscent of the octopus tentacles, give a delicate movement to the structure.

Naoto Fukasawa comments:
Now, there are certain shapes that have become feasible to be created, because of application of highly developed processing techniques of cutting out solid wood, by using a CNC machine. It was difficult to manufacture a wooden chair by working in all the three dimensions together, for a long time. I wanted to implement a three-dimensional free-form curve into a mass producible wooden chair, but not by using the traditional wood bending techniques. This chair can showcase the shape, which was earlier only possible by handcrafting it piece by piece, in solid wood. A chair that goes well with a glass of wine or a white tablecloth, is something that first came to my mind! The chair has turned out into a form like that of an octopus, so I named it “Tako”. I didn’t intend to actually design an octopus-like shape.


Photo by Yoneo Kawabe

Fugu designed by Jasper Morrison
The design of Jasper Morrison focuses on cleanliness. With Fugu, the designer offers a series of solid-wood chairs, with the possibility of armrests, owing ample and relaxing seat and backrest, finely crafted to create beautifully curved surface using Maruni cutting-edge production technologies. Comfortable and versatile, the Fugu chairs can find accommodation in large receptive spaces, public places, waiting rooms of airports, and they also perfectly fit into any home space. Essential and compact sized tables complete the Fugu collection.

Jasper Morrison comments:
“The Fugu lobby chair extends the family from lounge chairs, dining chairs to the table. The goal has been the same, to achieve a level of comfort with solid wood seat and back so that no upholstery is needed, maintaining the pure lines and the expression of a single material purposefully arranged.”



Art director Naoto Fukasawa tells the story behind Tako, his collaboration with Jasper Morrison, and his design concept.

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