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issue 15 | February 2021

This is the story of Japanese Craftsmanship Spirits:
Aizu Kiri Geta



Geta is a type of Japanese footwear with a long tradition. Its existence dates back to the Yayoi period (Yayoi: c. 300 BCE -c. 250 CE) when rice cultivation began in Japan. Geta was originally worn on paddy fields during farming activities. Amongst the Geta, Aizu Kiri (paulownia) Geta are considered to be the best. Due to the rich soil, and hot summers and severely cold winters, the climate peculiar to the Aizu basin, paulownia has been planted actively since the Edo period (Edo: 1603-1868) making Aizu the number-one region in Japan producing top quality paulownia. In this region, it has been a long tradition of planting paulownia trees in the yard when a child is born and then making a cabinet and a pair of Geta from the wood of those trees when they grow up.

In order not to spoil the beautiful grain and texture of Aizu paulownia, the artisans cut it into a Geta shape with meticulous handcrafting technique, carve it to the final shape, and then finally take the Geta for polishing. The first polishing is done by using wax, which makes Geta water and stain-proof. The second polishing is done with a special brush made of grass roots. This makes the grain of the wood stand out. The final touch is added with a ceramic tool to give the Geta the right amount of luster.

The fact that the value of a pair of Geta is determined by the number and beauty of annual rings it has itself says a lot about the culture that creates a product that respects and reflects the natural beauty of paulownia. Paulownia is the lightest wood in Japan and adapts well to changes in humidity keeping your feet dry and smooth in summer and warm in winter. This makes Aizu Kiri Geta even delightful to wear.

Project: TG Flagship Store

TG Flagship Store

Photography: Chia Han Lin. Special thanks to MOT Taiwan.

TG is a tableware brand founded by Taiwan Glass Industry (Taiwan Glass) and designed by Naoto Fukasawa. In the newly opened flagship store, you can purchase the collections designed by Fukasawa over 8 years, and also enjoy a tea break at the café next to the store.

TG is aimed at younger generations seeking affluence. A series of beautiful heat-resistant glass products reflecting Fukasawa's view of Taiwanese culture was created to enhance the quality of your life through the simplest acts of daily life. The lineup of glass and pottery series with designer cups, plates, coffee cups, and wine glasses, is a sight to behold. HIROSHIMA chairs in black, also designed by Fukasawa, welcome visitors adding accent to the clean and simple atmosphere of the store.

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Tako DINING TABLE in Corian© is now available for international orders. The combination of clean white tabletop and the characteristic solid wood legs gives your room a refined look.

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