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issue 22 | September 2021



Photography: Yoneo Kawabe

Tako Armchair (cushioned)
The beautiful Tako armchair with dynamic curves looks as if it was carved out of wood just like a sculpture. The flow of its lines that links the backrest to the legs and the round shape of the seat gently wrap around your body. Like a macaron, the cushioned seat of the upholstered version of Tako Armchair is thin yet soft and comfortable.

T&O T1 Chair Stackable
This series provides a sense of freshness thanks to the contrast between the natural wood and steel parts. In addition to the rich wooden seat and backrest created by three-dimensional cutting, the flexible S-shaped steel part that connects the backrest and seat to make the stool look light as well as comfortable. The ability to stack up to six chairs together makes this chair perfect not only for home use but also for use at public facilities and similar locations.


Photography: Yoneo Kawabe

Fugu Dining table
Fugu Dining Table is a solid wood table with a soft and characteristic ellipse shape. The round contours underneath the table give the table a soft silhouette. Fugu has sense of familiarity to its design, and blends in well as if it had always been part of the room. It can be set in a variety of different spaces including homes and offices.



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