To continue creating wood furniture recognized as
the “Global Standard” 100 or more years into the future.


  1. Working under the concept "Industrialized Craftsmanship", we strive to refine our developmental abilities to give physical form to wonderful designs and to perfect the technical capabilities needed to mass produce such designs in order to create wood furniture that provides true value.

  2. Fuse typical Japanese sensibility for the delicate with technical craftsmanship to create furniture that creates an unconscious urge to feel it, and that also combines both utility and beauty.

  3. Seek high quality as company policy by making the pursuit of excellent craftsmanship our ultimate goal (as opposed to growing larger in scale).

  4. Place a high value on personally held skills and seek to cultivate our personnel in order to ensure the passing on of our world-class craftsmanship to future generations.

  5. Take responsibility for the environment, and seek harmony with nature in order to function as a wood furniture manufacturer fulfilling the role expected of us by society.