March 10, 2010 Products

Maruni Collection 2010 / New items are available from the Hiroshima series

New items have been added to the Hiroshima series.
A small comfortable chair that follows the same look as the Hiroshima armchair, and the ottoman that can be used as a set with the Hiroshima lounge chair will be newly added to the Hiroshima series.
There will also be a new coated color; brown for the oak wood, which will give a polished look, and we will also be introducing leather for the seat covers exclusively for this brown color. Now with natural, black and brown color options for the wood, we hope to give more choice variations to meet the customer’s taste for styling their home.

Rather than a chair created through the assembly of square pieces of timber, what has been fashioned is a small chair with an untouched feel to it that appears as though it has been hewn from a single log. The rounded back of the chair, which follows the contour of the human back, overlaps with the image of the Hiroshima armchair. Along with the new ottoman coupled with the lounge chair, try the subtle, rich feel sitting in this chair affords.