August 31, 2011 Products

Mini and Minimini-sized SANAA Armless chairs Now Available

One of the armless chairs designed by SANAA for the Nextmaruni project was very popular for its lovable silhouette. The mini and the minimini chairs were well received when they were sold last fall for a limited time offer. Due to continuous inquiries after the sale, the chair will be available in all three sizes as our standard line from this fall.

The chair is simple and compact, and its silhouette has character that would surprisingly match in any room and become a nice interior addition. Three sizes will be available (regular size, mini, minimini), and they will be enjoyed in much more different spaces and among more people of all ages.
Colors will be ranging in 8 colors, from natural to vivid colors.

Order available from: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
*Please ask your closest distributor for more details.