October 18, 2011 Events

More Information of Maruni Collection 2011 / Autumn

We’ve updated the reference images of our new products for Roundish and Lightwood.

The Roundish chair with its alluring comfort that lets the sitter feel embraced by the beautifully curved back, will now have an option with a cushioned seat. Cushioned seats will be ranging in a total of 5 materials and 25 colors, including a new beautiful fabric with rich colors and elegant ivory colored leather.
As for the light and elegant shaped Lightwood, new colors that will stand out in commercial spaces such as the eye-catching red and black, and oak material known for its bold wood grains have been added. Furthermore, the tables have more size variations, and the walnut material has been added to the Hiroshima.

Please enjoy the extensive line-up this fall from the Maruni Collection!