November 28, 2011 Products

New options and items available for Roundish, Lightwood and Hiroshima

This autumn, new items with wealth of options will be added to the Maruni Collection: the Hiroshima which has become the standard series for Maruni Wood Industry, and the Roundish and Lightwood that were newly announced this spring.

Roundish chair will now be available with the cushioned seat, which creates a beautiful oneness with the wood. The fabric used is the same as that of Hiroshima, making it easy to match colors with both series. Elegant autumn-like textures such as the beautiful Belgian fabric with rich colors and refined ivory colored leather have been newly added. Now with the comfort of the cushioned seat, the new Roundish chair provides a more relaxed and comfortable sitting with its pleasant seat and back that fits to the body.

Lightwood will now be available in red and black finished birch; two colors that will look good with the birch’s texture; and oak which is known for its bold wood grains. The new color finishes that have been applied thinly to the wood surface give an elegant look combined with the silhouette of the chair and lightly noticeable wood grains. It is graceful but still has an eye-catching existence. The Corian top tables for Lightwood, which have been receiving many inquiries, will also be available for ordering.

Table sizes will be as follows: Roundish- W1600, 2000, 2400 (mm); and Lightwood- W1300, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400 (mm). These multiple size options will help design any space.
*Corian table top is only available for Lightwood.

And for Hiroshima, it is now available in the much-awaited walnut material. Walnut will be available for the Armchair (wooden and cushioned seat), and the dining table (160/180/Extension table). The striking wood grains and the rich coloration of the walnut give deep relaxation and a luxurious look.