April 4, 2014 Information Products

A film of Maruni story

What is Maruni Wood Industry that continues to dedicate time and passion to create the wooden furniture of timeless design with Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison?
It is a Japanese furniture brand that continuously creates sophisticated minimalism design with minute manufacturing to rediscover original spirits of the wood.
Both designers recognize the superior techniques performed by Maruni. Since its founding in 1928, Maruni has pursued the ““industrialize handcrafting “, through an integration of machining techniques and the handiwork of master craftsmen, developed over many years.
In this video presentation, art director Naoto Fukasawa talkshttp://www.maruni.com/en/topics/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=671&TB_iframe=1&width=640&height=783 about the appeal of wooden chairs and Maruni’s sophisticated techniques.