March 2, 2015 Information

Notice of discontinuation

Please be noticed that a part of Maruni collection, Nextmaruni, and some fabrics will be discontinued in the end of March, 2015.
Discontinued item numbers are listed on the attached file.
Please check it below.

Discontinued item number (PDF)

Maruni collection

Item: Coffee table 80

Finish: Oak NB-1(clear), NJ-1(whitish)


■AZUMI / Shin Azumi & Tomoko Azumi
Item: Armless chair

■o-d-a / Jutamas Buranajade+Piti Amraranga
Item: Arm chair

■Alberto Meda
Item: Arm chair, Lounge chair

■Harri Koskinen
Item: Lounge chair

■Michele De Lucchi
Item: Arm chair, Folding chair

■Shin Azumi
Item: Lounge chair

■Masayuki Kurokawa
Item: Armless chair, Arm chair, Side table

■Kanji Ueki
Item: Armless chair, Arm chair, Dining table

■Shigeru Uchida
Item: Arm chair

■Tamotsu Yagi
Item: Arm chair


■ Mix Flano
Color: 4960 Navy, 4962 Brown

Color: 5122 Deep brown, 5124 Red, 5125 White, 5126 Beige, 5195 Ivory

Thank you for your kind understanding.