December 1, 2015 Information

Notice of discontinuation

Please be noticed that a part of Maruni collection and Nextmaruni will be discontinued in the end of December, 2015.
Discontinued item numbers are listed on the attached file.
Please check it below.

Discontinued item number (PDF)

Maruni collection
Item: Table 167(Oval), 180(Oval), Side chair, Arm chair

■Alberto Meda
Item: Armless chair

■Harri Koskinen
Item: Dining table, Armless chair, Arm chair

■Shin Azumi
Item: Armless chair, Arm chair

■Masayuki Kurokawa
Item: Dining table(S) (M), Lounge chair

■Naoto Fukasawa
Item: Dining table, Armless chair, Arm chair, Lounge chair

■Shigeru Uchida
Item: Armless chair

■Tamotsu Yagi
Item: Armless chair (four legs), Armless chair (three legs)

■Tetsu Sumii
Item: Lounge chair

Thank you for your kind understanding.