Maruni Wood Industry is aware of the importance of protecting personal information and we are striving to protect such information on the basis of the following policy.

1. Acquisition of personal information:

We obtain personal information employing legal and fair methods.

2. Use of personal information:

Personal information obtained in connection with requests for catalogs from customers, questionnaires completed when customers visit our showrooms, and inquiries submitted to our customer services department is used solely for reference purposes in connection with legitimate work involving the dispatch of catalogs and other materials to customers, response to inquiries, holding of events at SR, presentation of new products, and development of merchandise.

3. Submission of personal information to third parties:

When we commission personal information from a party with which we are cooperating in connection with work, we are bound by contract not to leak such information or to re-submit it to another party. As well as managing the information in an appropriate manner, we do not disclose or make it available for any other than the prescribed purpose or to any third party without the authorization of the customer unless special circumstances are involved (for example, when required to disclose information on the basis of the law).

4. Management of personal information:

Personal information belonging to customers is subject to rigorous safety measures so as to ensure that it cannot be accessed in an improper manner, lost, tampered with, leaked, etc.

5. Disclosure, revision, suspension of use and deletion of personal information:

When receiving a request for confirmation, correction, etc. of personal information from the customer himself, we would ask the customer to contact our customer services desk responsible for handling personal information. An appropriate and prompt response will be provided in such cases. Personal information customer services desk: Tel: +81 (0)829-40-5095 Fax: +81 (0)829-40-5145

6. Organization and structure:

We appoint a controller responsible for protecting private information and carries out the appropriate management of private information. We also ensure that company directors and employees are able to handle personal information in an appropriate manner through educational and training activities.

7. Applicable laws:

The laws applying to the use of this site and the laws governing these rules of use shall be the laws of Japan.

8. Preferential application of the Japanese language edition of privacy policy:

The original version of this privacy policy has been drawn up in Japanese. In the case of differences arising in interpretation between the English language edition and the Japanese language edition, the original Japanese edition shall take precedence.

April 1, 2005
Maruni Wood Industry Inc.