Nextmaruni project started in 2004, aspiring to produce “chairs which have been born from the Japanese aesthetic”.
By commissioning international designers to create chairs that can be seen as messages in response to the Japanese aesthetic, our aim has been to produce chairs from Japan that are not intrinsically Japanese yet harmonious world wide.

Transferring the experience of a creative chain, linking heterogeneous cultures to the design of chairs, is the “dialogue with Japanese culture” that Nextmaruni project seeks.

The “dialogue with the Japanese culture” is about getting designers to express through the design of chairs the new conceptions from the encounter between the Japanese aesthetic and the varied personalities of each of the designers conceived as the cultural “other”.

In this current age, we need to enter into a dialogue with the world by broadcasting the aspects of the Japanese culture to the world. In order to take on the challenges presented by the world, we at Nextmaruni aim to bringing back the Japanese aesthetic that lies within us and to reflect this aesthetic into the approach we adopted to the development of products and into our business.

“chairs” dialogue: a project synthesizing culture and industry.
“Eight Manifestations of the Japanese Aesthetic”