April 24, 2012 Press Release

Maruni Collection 2012: Roundish with its enjoyable comfort, and new variations added to the Lightwood family.

In 2008, we have launched the Maruni Collection together with Naoto Fukasawa. We have come face to face with the designer and taken our time to design and launch new products for this collection focusing mainly on the Hiroshima series. Last year the Roundish by Naoto Fukasawa and Lightwood by Jasper Morrison have been launched as one of the new series, and the collection now has a broader range of products.
This year the Lightwood has added new variations to its family; A bar stool made for commercial use but will also match residential counter height tables, and also stools to match both counter and table heights. We would also like to introduce again the Roundish with cushioned seats which were announced last fall, now available with more variations in colors.
As another aim of Maruni Collection, it has been challenging in redesign and refinement of Maruni Wood Industry’s traditional lines of furniture since the start of the collection. Jasper Morrison’s Club (*) has become part of this approach this year. The sofa of the previously announced Traditional Series by Naoto Fukasawa has also been modified in small details which gives a different new look (*).
*These new items will be available autumn 2012.