May 14, 2012 Events

Maruni Collection 2012 / Tokyo Exhibition

Maruni Collection 2012 will be shown for the first time in Japan at the Tokyo Exhibition this month. The exhibition will be focused on the new counter chairs and stools from the Lightwood family designed for both commercial and residential use, and the Roundish that was announced last fall with new upholstered seats, which are already well-received for its sitting comfort.
We will also display Jasper Morrison’s Club (*) and Naoto Fukasawa’s sofa from the previously announced Traditional Series (*) which has been modified in small details. These are part of Maruni Wood Industry’s challenge in redesign and refinement of our traditional models. (* The two items will be available this fall.)
Please enjoy the fascination that Maruni Wood Industry produces with the combination of the newness and the tradition, along with the space of the Tokyo showroom where any furniture will blend well in.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Maruni Collection 2012 / Tokyo Exhibition
Date: Thursday, May 24th – Friday, May 25th, 2012 10am-6pm
Location: Maruni Wood Industry Tokyo Showroom