October 10, 2013 Press Release

Announcement: The Good Design Award 2013 and Our New Projects

Today we would like to notify you that we won the Good Design Award 2013, as well as to introduce our projects.

1) Hiroshima Folding Chair Wins the “Good Design Award 2013”

Maruni Wood Industry’s Hiroshima folding chair won the Good Design Award 2013 (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). Furthermore, it was also selected for the Good Design – Best 100.
The Hiroshima folding chair is not only beautiful for its wooden look and the way it leans, but is also a wooden folding chair that ensures proper strength as a chair. We are very honored that it was chosen for such award.

2) The Maruni Collection Spreads Throughout the World

We had a booth at this spring’s the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, and thankfully, we received great praise from those who came to the expo and many others.

Within the year, we plan to expand sales to 40 stores in 25 countries (*not including Japan). Also, our Maruni Collection is used in airports and restaurants in every part of the world. Here, we introduce three new such projects.

1. Oslo International Airport (Norway)
2. Qantas Singapore Lounge (Singapore)
3. “Das Brot”. at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg (Germany)