Maruni Collection 2018 – New Product Information

The Roundish armchair designed by Naoto Fukasawa is characterized by the backrest, the arm and the seat being in a unified shape. A single piece of laminated plywood has been twisted and bent in three dimensions, and the person sitting in it can feel the nice comfort like they are being enwrapped. The Fugu chair designed by Jasper Morrison is a solid-wood chair that is full of the warmth of the amply used wood. With the cutting technology that is the pride of Maruni Wood Industry, the detail of the curved surface is beautifully and finely expressed. In the popular T&O family, we are adding a bar table and oak wood to the family.
In addition, to commemorate the 90th Anniversary, we are selling a special HIROSHIMA chair and a T&O chair, of which only 90 will be available worldwide.

Dates: Tuesday, 17 April – Sunday, 22 April 2018
Venue: Rho Fiera Main Venue, HALL 16, STAND D49

Roundish Arm Chair

Fugu Chair / Arm Chair

T&O Round Bar Table63 (venner top) / T&O T3 Bar Stool high

HIROSHIMA Arm Chair / Stool High  *A new gray finish

90th Anniversary Model: HIROSHIMA Arm Chair

90th Anniversary Model: T&O T1 Chair