October 13, 2018 Events Information

Introducing the Wide-Type HIROSHIMA Sofa/ 90th anniversary exhibition

Introducing the Wide-Type HIROSHIMA Sofa
Maruni Wood Industry is proud to announce the release of our spacious comfortable HIROSHIMA sofa available in both wide and chaise lounge type models. These sofas can be combined in various ways for everything from contract to home-use, as this excellently balanced sofa blends in perfectly anywhere it is used. The lineup will include headrests, large ottomans and other functional items to meet the users’ needs.
These sofas are scheduled to go on sale in April 2019 after being unveiled to the international market at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

HIROSHIMA Wide Three-Seater Sofa, Left Armrest (Covering) / Naoto Fukasawa
Material: Walnut Fabric: Hallingdal #2939 (Gray)
Size: W3,105 x D900 x H715 x SH425 mm

HIROSHIMA Wide Chaise Lounge 150, Right Armrest (Covering) / Naoto Fukasawa
Material: Walnut Fabric: Hallingdal #2939 (Gray)
Size: W1,100 x D1,500 x H715 x SH425 mm

HIROSHIMA Ottoman 100 (Covering) / Naoto Fukasawa
Material: Walnut Fabric: Hallingdal #2939 (Gray)
Size: W1,000 x D850 x H425 x SH425 mm

Dimensions when combined with a chaise lounge sofa (Ottoman is not included)
Size: W4,205 x D1,500 x H715 x SH425 mm

We have also prepared catalogs and photographic images for the press. Please inquire to press@maruni.com for more information.

90th anniversary exhibition
In addition, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Maruni Wood Industry, “The Future of Maruni” exhibition based on the theme of “a future vision for Maruni Wood Industry” will be held this October. In conjunction with this exhibition, the redecorated second floor of Maruni Tokyo will be reopened. Under the direction of our art director, Naoto Fukasawa, the renovated second floor is aimed at providing warm interior spaces that create a pleasant atmosphere.

Redecoration Concept: Naoto Fukasawa
We have a created an interior space infused with a little bit of warmth for the second floor.
More than just focusing on objects, we wanted to create a space projecting a pleasant ambiance that would serve as lifestyle inspiration and make people say, “I really want to live in a place like this.”

/// The Future of Maruni ///
Date: Oct. 24 (Wed.) to Nov. 4 (Sun.), 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Location: maruni tokyo
3-6-13 Higashi-nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3667-4021